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Carry Me Insurance is one of the best auto insurance carriers in the Torrance and Redondo Beach areas of Southern California. Our company takes great pride in placing the consumer first in everything we do. Whether you are a driver with a perfect record, or let’s say have a less than stellar record, our friendly staff can generally help you obtain car insurance that meets the state of California’s requirements for driving an automobile. We like to exceed expectations; however, so our agents will make sure to work with you to identify your goals for the new insurance policy and help determine the amount of coverage you need, what you can afford, and what the smartest deductible level for you to carry will be. For some of our clients, the right answer is to retain as much insurance as possible, for others, they simply can’t avoid more than the core liability insurance on their automobile required by the state. Our company services the following areas:

  • Auto Insurance Torrance
  • Auto Insurance Redondo Beach
  • Auto Insurance Hermosa Beach
  • Auto Insurance Palos Verdes

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Carry Me Insurance’s commitment to service doesn’t stop when you retain a new policy. Unlike competing insurance companies , we have found that when one of our customers has an accident, their number one concern is to get back to their daily routine as soon as possible. This is something a good insurance company will be quick to remind you. A key component of this goal is to quickly file a claim with our company and select an authorized repair shop in the area to get moving with fixing your car or truck. Compared to some of the less experienced insurance carriers in the Southern California area, our agent’s primary goal is not to maximize profit from your distress—it is to take care of your needs.

Our company also provides a number of ways that you can lower your overall auto insurance rate. These range from our good driver rewards, to good student, and multiple policy discounts depending on what insurance policy is right for you. From time to time, our company may also offer deep discounts to help encourage new customers to make the change to working with Carry Me Insurance instead of their previous auto insurance company that they’ve worked with in the past. We also do not try to put significant damage on your pocket book with large deductibles in the event of an accident. We find that this results in our customer’s under-claiming on legitimate accidents which puts them at greater risk in the future of having a more significant car accident if the automobile is not repaired properly. Just make sure you talk to our friendly staff about what you can afford versus what makes sense to carry for your peace of mind for this critical component of any auto insurance policy.

At Carry Me Insurance, we want to make sure that your auto insurance needs keep pace with your life requirements. Just because your insurance was suitable for your needs even as recent as last year, doesn’t mean that you don’t need to make sure your coverage is keeping pace with your current auto and life requirements. Our friendly staff will be standing by to answer any questions that you have and to provide you a free quote for your car or truck.

We Service The Following Areas:

Redondo Beach
Hermosa Beach
Rancho Palos Verdes
South Bay CA

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